Smart Snacks

Federal Smart Snack Guidelines

Smart Snacks are nutrition standards based on scientific research that dictate the food and beverages that can be provided to students during the school day. These guidelines apply to all a la carte items, competitive foods, fundraisers, and classroom snacks served to students. It's important to note that Smart Snacks do not apply to food sold outside of the school day, such as during weekends or off-campus fundraising events. As per the USDA rules, the "school day" starts at midnight and lasts until 30 minutes after the last bell. Apart from the legal requirements, the District should also establish age-appropriate guidelines for food and beverages served during classroom parties, school celebrations, and competitive events. These guidelines must align with the Smart Snacks in School guidelines specified by the USDA, especially when school-sponsored fundraising activities involve the selling or serving of food. The following guidelines shall apply:

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Eagle Pass ISD does not sell or market food items to students that do not meet Smart Snacks standards.

A parent/legal guardian or grandparent may bring in any food product (cakes/cupcakes) for his or her child’s birthday.

It shall not:
* Require the teacher to stop instruction to allow for the birthday party;
* Allow the parents/legal guardians or grandparents a right of access to the classroom; or
* Allow balloons, decorations, gifts, Etc.

The principals shall have discretion on when to allow the consumption of the food products. The food products cannot be consumed or provided to students during meal periods or in areas where reimbursable meals are served and consumed. Parents must contact campus administrators to make arrangements for the distribution of food items.



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